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Cheesecake Brownies

Craving for chocolate and cheesecake, so I googled any recipe to combine these two … and found this “cheesecake brownies”. I used the recipes from different sources for cheesecake and brownies. For the cheesecake, I used the recipe from food network (link). The ingredients included creamcheese, sugar and egg. For the brownies, I used the recipe from Cupcake Jemma (link). I love the brownies texture, moist and fudgy ~


French Macaron

I always wanted to try the french macaron recipe but I always heard it was the most difficult biscuit to make. Today I finally made them for pre-Christmas celebration. Well, the outcome still far from perfection but I was quite satisfied with the outlook … this was my first trial, and I just learnt it from youtube. I used the recipe from Entertaining with Beth (link here). I bought the almond flour from fairprice and it was so wet. I  ...


Nutella Bread Puddings

Made a nutella bread puddings on Friday and put it to fridge overnight for baking on Saturday morning breakfast. I used the recipe from Steamy Kitchen (link) and the taste was really good ! Will make it again when I am craving for bread pudding. The ingredients included croissants, cream, sugar, nutella, eggs and vanilla extracts. I also added some raisins, chocolate chips and walnuts. All our family love it !