Baby Zaanse has been crying and wake up every nights due to nightmare since Tuesday. Last night we finally didn’t hear she crying and all of us slept quite early. We went to bed before 10pm …

As usual, I have to get up to pee at night due to frequent urination during pregnancy. I started to feel soreness on my right tailbone after woke up, I thought it was just due to sleeping position and I changed my sleeping position. The same feeling appeared on my left tailbone after a while, I kept changing the sleeping position and tried to sit up but the soreness feeling still come back after few minutes. I checked the clock, it was only 4:30am … I started to google about my symptoms and some websites said it could be some kind of labour symptoms. I decided to download the contraction apps and monitor. The interval was around 3 to 5 mins and pain last about 40 secs.

I told Kenji about it and I started to prepare myself … Shower, change clothes and continued to monitor the contraction frequency. We asked our sister to send baby Zaanse to nanny place after she wake up then we left our place and departed to hospital.

We admitted hospital at 6:45pm and the nurse told me I already dilated 4 to 5cm. With the shorter interval and stronger contraction, I took the epidural at 7:30pm. While waiting, I asked kenji to go home to bring baby Zaanse to nanny place. I stayed alone inside the ward and waiting.

Around 8:42am, the water bag burst and the contraction also getting stronger. Nurse checked and said I already dilated for 7cm. With the stronger feeling of contraction, I asked for stronger dosage of epidural and nurse checked again, I already dilated for 9cm. The nurse went to call Gynae and kenji also back to hospital. The nurse started to ask me to have a deep breath and push .. After a while, Gynae also arrived and I continued to push … Finally, baby Xavy is born at 10am and weighted 3.01kg.

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