This week was the first week of baby Zaanse going childcare … it was a challenge for her and both of us. Due to limited vacancies in childcare for next year, we have to bring her to childcare earlier after she reached 18 months old. She joined the toddler class as the youngest kid in the class.

* * *

15-July (Tuesday), we accompanied her to childcare center after she finished her last vaccination in clinic. While we were talking to her teacher, she busy playing around with the toys.


After finished the conversation, her teacher brought her for classroom tour.

Also introduced her to other teachers in the class.



Heard from teacher, today only have 3 students in the class (including baby Zaanse, the rest of the 4 students were absent due to some reasons. The little boy playing with car toy was another classmate, he got very big eyes and looked handsome ya~



It’s time for lunch, the kitchen has prepared the bee hoon soup for the kids.

The teacher was trying to teach the every kid to learn to eat by using spoon.

After the bee hoon soup, every kids were served with the orange.

Baby Zaanse was doing well throughout the process, no crying until the teacher grab her for shower. Think she still haven’t adapt to be bathed by other stranger, poor girl …

* * *

16-July (Wednesday), I took another half day in the morning. I wanted to monitor how baby Zaanse behave in the childcare center while we were not accompanied her. She looked happy inside the lift, wonder if she know that we going to let her being alone in childcare?

After dropped baby Zaanse in the childcare center, we waved good bye to her and left the room. She didn’t cry when we left the room, something unexpected but good!

I tried to peek into what baby Zaanse doing from the window after we left the classroom. I tried to hide and not to let her know that I was still around. She was sitting with other kids in the same table and waiting for breakfast to be served.

After confirmed she was doing fine, I left the place and back to home. An hour later, I went to check her status again and saw noone in the classroom. The N1 teacher told me that my girl teacher has brought them to the outdoor because baby Zaanse was crying. This was the usual way teacher would do when the kids cried and it always worked. I finally found them in the playground! I saw baby Zaanse was happily playing at the slides. Then I left again.

An hour later, I went back to childcare center to check and saw baby Zaanse was sitting together with other kids watching ipad cartoon while the teacher just sat beside them. I was not managed to take any pictures from the widow due to reflection. I left the place again, as I really didn’t want to let baby Zaanse saw me.

Finally, it was time for nanny to pick baby Zaanse. I told nanny that I will be hiding somewhere while she picking baby Zaanse after their lunch time. I saw two of them left the place …

* * *

17-July (Thursday), today baby Zaanse woke up a bit late, almost 8am just woke up. She seem very tired after the school day.

Today was the class photo taking day and teacher had also reminded me to let baby Zaanse wear the proper uniform. The uniform come with a set of polo tee and checker skirt.

When arrived in childcare center, baby Zaanse cried ~ she still hasn’t adapted to the environment. I tried to give her some toys to play to distract her and finally she settled down.


Today I had to go back to work, so I didn’t have chances to capture what was happened after we left the class. I heard from teacher that baby Zaanse cried after we left, and they brought the kids to playground again … but she cried again when back to the center. Poor girl 🙁

* * *

18-July (Friday), today I decided to take leave and accompanied baby Zaanse inside the class. Even I was with her, she still cried and kept pull my legs. I know she wanted me to bring her out from the room, but I just tried to calm her to stay inside the class.

She finally settled down when it’s breakfast time, food can calm her down ~


She cried again after breakfast, I tried to bring her to join the classmates for story time. She cannot stopped crying, so sad to see my happy girl become crying girl. I decided to leave the class as it seems to become worse when I was around with her.

After about half an hour, I went back to check her and saw all the kids were playing water at the outdoor. Today was their water play day and I also had prepared a swimsuit for baby Zaanse.

Great to know that she stopped crying … She was busy to explore around and didn’t notice me.

I went back home and took the thermal swimsuit for her to change.

This little boy seems like to play with her, have been noticed the same thing happened for the past few days. He seems wanted to be “friend” with her, but she didn’t appreciate. And she cried again after his approach, I had to bring her home after the water play session.

After a week of childcare experience, baby Zaanse seems become very cranky and had some nightmares … And she fall sick on Sunday, having fever and cough. Even vomit at night .. So have to stop sending her to childcare until she recover.

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