Ever since baby Zaanse know how to sit unsupported in her 6 month old, she hated lying down. Previously we liked to play this “flying sheet” game with her in her lying position, but now we have to put her in sitting position and play this game with her. She liked it very much, always laugh when we “fly” her blanket sheet. Papa Kenji managed to capture some of the precious moments with her using his Canon 7D~


I helped her to say this “I am cute” … yes, I think she is cute in all the times even when she is crying :p



So happy? Because of the tv show or because of sitting with daddy ?



Another game that daddy Kenji liked to play with baby Zaanse — dancing with his little princess. The pink dress baby Zaanse wearing was a present bought by aunt Min from USA, it come together with the panties of same fabric pattern. We purposely let her wear this because Min and her family was coming to our place on that day which is 6 July.

Finally, our baby Zaanse managed to meet her cousin baby Ivan … she was just 1 day order than baby Ivan. Baby Ivan born in US, his eyes were so much bigger especially when they sitted together.

Baby Zaanse always not easy to mix with others. As usual, her way to express her anger was to cry ūüôĀ


Baby Zaanse still always like to put things to her mouth, including daddy’s finger. She enjoyed it very much ~

It was so so .. yummy, mummy.


On 13 Jul, our closed friends Ling Yen and Xiao Min come our place to try out my homemade baked pasta and cookies. Baby Zaanse become fussy again when she saw our friends, she still not used to mix with others.
The next day we brought her out to City Hall by taking MRT. Suprisingly, she didn’t make any noise and quietly looking around inside her stroller while we travelling inside the train and also when we having our brunch at Mache Raffles City. Loved her more when she was so nice like this .. I bought a new len for my Canon 550D at Funan Mall, picture below was the trial picture before I paid.

Another picture taken outside city hall, near to the fire station … The len is my new toy now to shoot my adorable baby Zaanse ~


I started to take more pictures on baby Zaanse after getting the new len, no regret of buying this toy ūüôā

As usual, drooling a lot …


During working day after dinner, we will spend our time with baby Zaanse inside the bedroom and play with her ~ but she always started to feel tired very fast … may be it was her sleeping time already after a long day.

This romper was a present from my friend Fei .. but baby seems growing very fast .. and may not able to wear it soon :p



I enjoyed very much to play with baby Zaanse, but she liked to pull my hair ūüôĀ Sometimes she even wanted to put my hair to her mouth …

I cannot stop of kissing her cheek ~ so chubby.


Changed to daddy again ~ everyone of us wanted to play with her, chubby girl.

Daddy hand was so much bigger, looked yummy to baby Zaanse right?



Weeknd would be the time to prepare one week puree for baby Zaanse. We have tried to make different kind of purees such as pumpkin, sweet potato, avocado, apple, pear … she liked first two the most!


While preparing the food for her, we normally just put her sitting inside the baby seat facing us. So that we can look at her and doing our things at the same time.

This baby seat hook was bought online from babytown, was a good buy as it can be brought to anywhere just to hook on it. I remember the price was around 30 something, husband very happy with this purchase.

During feeding time, we would put baby Zaanse sitting on her PUJ bumbo seat and of course wear a bib for her. Most of the time, she can finish the whole container of puree we made ~


Some progress of baby Zaanse in this month :
She started to fall asleep by her own, this was the biggest improvement of what she did this month! Previously, she always need us to sit by her crib and offer physical and verbal reassurance until she is asleep. But now, we just walked out from the room after we put her on her crib and off the room light. The next step would be training her to wean from pacifier sleep association, currently she still need her pacifier to help her to sleep. We would like to see she to develop the ability to sleep unassisted.

The recent 2 weeks at night, she always roll over in her sleep onto her tummy, then freaks out, screams and cries until us come and flip her over. we are getting very sleep deprived because have to wake up few times in a night ūüôĀ

And also some of the pictures taken with iphone .. nowadays the most convenience tool to take picture was iphone :


24 July around evening time, nanny called me and told me that baby Zaanse was fever. We checked her temperature, was 38 degC. We immediately brought her to see GP nearyby and the doctor was quite young and inexperience. He not sure what was the reason of baby fever and he just prescribed paracetamol medicine. The next day baby still have fever up to 39 degC after taken the paracetamol medicine, after work we brought her to see another GP. This doctor was much experienced than the previous and he told us baby Zaanse fever because of throat infection. Baby throat was really red and she has to take anti-biotic … Now we know why she sick, initially we thought fever was related to teething. Hope she will get well soon ~ poor girl.

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