Baby Zaanse turned full month this week ~ So fast.
On my birthday, we brought baby Zaanse out with stroller – it was the first time baby Zaanse went out with stroller. We went to Changi Point to have dim sum lunch then go to Baby Expo, I bought another 3 sets of rompers for baby Zaanse. That night we received a call from confinement lady and she will be here on Sunday to help us ~ what’s a good news ! That night was also my turn to on duty to sleep with baby Zaanse …

26th, baby Zaanse turned full month (same date as shown in chinese calendar – 15th).

This day, we organized a full month celebration with family members at our house – just a simple buffet lunch with catering. I also did some simple decor for the full month celebration … hang the bunting at the entry way.



Also decor the cabinet display area with some baby booties and baby photos.


In the early morning, we gave baby shower with these things as per confinement lady advices – including a stone (to represent baby guts), some 石榴花 leaves, ten cents coins and 2pcs of 大圓. Confinement lady helped to trim hair for baby Zaanse before start bathing her.

I helped to take the pictures while daddy helped to take the video. As usual, baby is crying when taking bath.

After the bath, we gave baby Zaanse wearing a new cloth which I bought from baby Expo.

“Yeah, I wearing pink today”

We also bought the cake, ang ku kueh and red eggs to pray to “bed god” 床母 … we just followed the advices from confinement lady, hope baby can be 乖乖 .

Finally, the celebration was over ~ baby Zaanse also fall asleep.

Some other photos taken during this week ~ playing with baby Zaanse when we just woke up.




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