Time flies, Zaanse is already a two years old toddler ~ We tried to get her involve in our daily activities including houseworks and hobbies. One of the weekend, daddy Kenji asked Zaanse to do planting with him. He wanted to transfer the plants to different pots.


* * *

Few days before Christmas, we brought her to Orchard Road to see the big Christmas tree and do some shopping.

Daddy Kenji made her to run from Orchard MRT to Somerset MRT, she was really exhausted after running for such as long distance.

* * *

During Christmas Eve, we took out the play tent and setup in her room. She was so excited to see the play tent, she used to hide inside while she still a baby.

And that night, she said she wanted to sleep inside the play tent … and she did !

Good night and merry christmas, my dear Zaanse ~

* * *

During the Christmas day, we brought her to attend friend’s son birthday at Kids Amaze – the indoor playground at Toa Payoh Safra.

We didn’t bring her to any indoor playground since very long time ago, she enjoyed a lot playing inside the playground.

We really tried to explore everywhere in the playground … I have been long time didn’t do exercise, was really tiring for me.


After her afternoon nap, we brought her to Min’s place for Christmas celebration. She met her grandparents and also baby Ivan.

Another Christmas presents exchange session for her, now she has so many toys …

This Christmas was really a busy day for all of us.

* * *

Back to her progress of this month :

She still interacted a lot with her brother, baby Xavy.

The craftholic doll and the masak toys were her Christmas presents from LY and XM ~

Calling her to shower used to be a difficult task as she always wanted to drag … but now we tried to use some tricks to attract her, example, bubbles …


Another challenging task was to bring her to nanny place in the weekday morning. Daddy Kenji thought to give her a bag to carry some stuffs she wanted to bring over on that day. So every morning, she can choose the toys she wanted to bring over to nanny place.

Daddy Kenji got this ladybird backpack for her, she would bring it along for every outing.
resize11 copy

When brought her out for meal, she also started to request for her own food ~


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