Another one more month, Zaanse will turn to two years old ! These few weeks I was busy on making birthday montage for her … I started to memorise her baby time while filtering all the videos and photos taken a year back.

She has been going to playgroup for a month and she learnt a lot from the playgroup … she enjoy so much on drawing. So we also took out this whiteboard for her to draw ~

She still unable to fill the colour properly but we just wanted to let her play with colours.

* * *

We still spent a lot of time with her ~ and she still cling to us very much.

Sometimes, she just insisted on doing something we didn’t like or her demands also alternately frustrated and amused us. At her age of “terrible 2”, we had to be more patient with her.

Most of the time, she still very cute ~

* * *

I taught her on some “role playing masak masak game” with my Totoro collections, she enjoyed it very much. I told her that the box was the house of Totoro family :p

Now she had learnt a lot of words and able to speak a sentence … sometimes, this also amazed us!


* * *

I bought a Christmas tree and decorated together with Zaanse, she was so serious and focus while hanging all the christmas tree ornaments.

* * *

A lovely moment of baby Xavy and Zaanse ~ So far Zaanse never bullied her little brother and know she needed to protect him.

You two must love each other ya !
resize 2

* * *

I bought some lights and asked daddy to decor her bed, we love it so much !

* * *

These were the art and craft she made in the playgroup, not bad right?

* * *

Still liked to play with her ukelele ~

Now she liked to be carried … totally changed from the previous months when she just learnt to walk. Sigh …

Daddy always like to tie hair for her ~ which I don’t know how to appreciate it.

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