Baby Zaanse is 22 months old and she will be 2 years old for another two more months!

This month, she learned a lot especially in talking … Now she can say the whole sentence instead of just words. Yes, you are good !

Bought this jumpsuit online, it seems too big for her ~

* * *

Now she know that she was sister already, no more “baby”. She used to call herself as “baby”.

We took out all her previous stuffs to pass down to her brother, she was so excited to see all these “old buddies” … wonder if she still remember them?

This rocker also passed down from baby Zaanse. Previously she didn’t like to sit on it but now she always wanted to sit on the rocker and we always have to remind her that this was belong to her brother now.

She know how to occupy herself with her toys While we were busy with her brother Xavy. She was more independent nowadays, quite happy and proud to see a new “sister Zaanse”.

We still spent a lot of time with her, we didn’t want to make her feel jealous of her brother.

Playing ukulele and guitar for brother?

We also brought her down to playground when we have to bring her brother for “sun tan” to reduce the jaundice level. He has mild jaundice during his first check-up.

* * *

During my second week of confinement, mother in law and my mother were here for a week. Sister in law also brought baby Ivan here … Both babies are so close to each other.

They always followed each other, sometimes also fight for toys and cried.

They played together, read together, shower together …

* * *

One of the biggest achievement for baby Zaanse, she managed to wean off pacifier during her nap and sleeping time. So far she did not ask for pacifier for more than 3 weeks already … Good job done by daddy Kenji!

* * *

8-October (Wednesday), I brought baby Zaanse to Talent Plus playgroup for registration and we planned to enroll her to start from 20th. However, she fall sick since 17th and sick for more than a week. So we haven’t sent her to the playgroup yet, I was wondering if she can adapt this time?

* * *

18-October (Saturday), we celebrated her brother baby Xavy full month at our place and she was the first one to enjoy the food ~

Some other random photos taken in this month :

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  1. racheal

    October 31, 2014 at 9:55 am

    Hi, could you share the website you bought the jumpsuit? thanks


      October 31, 2014 at 10:44 pm

      I bought from taobao online. Thanks ~

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