Baby Zaanse turned 2 months old on 26 February. During this month, baby Zaanse started to smile more. We bought this FISHER PRICE Precious Planet Newborn to Toddler Rocker online from baby town to put at the living hall so that we can see her while watching TV. Good thing was, she didn’t reject this rocker … See, she is smiling !


The little cute mittens given by Karen and Alan ~ I love mummy vs I love daddy.

I started to take care of baby Zaanse alone since last week of January … it was really tough at the first few weeks, baby always cried and I have to carry her almost whole day. After few weeks, I started to learn from her habit and able to sooth her sleep after every feeding. Because of look after baby alone at home during day time, I really learn a lot ~ shower baby, feeding, cook dinner … I become a full time housewife.




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