Baby Zaanse turned 20 months old! She has been sicked for the past few weeks and now she finally recovered. The picture below was taken on 28-July (Sunday), where we brought her to KFC for dinner.

* * *

This was the last week for baby Zaanse sleep in her cot and she started to sleep in my sister room from 10-Aug.


We started her sleeping transition to have her nap in my sister room. Daddy kenji carried her to my sis room after she fall sleep in her cot.

So this was the place where she started to sleep in August month.

* * *

Her current playroom will be transformed to her brother (coming soon) nursery room.

She was enjoying feeding apples to her little teddy bear.

She already very familiar with the shapes and liked to put the shapes into the shape sorter.

She has two shape sorters, this was the one in round shape.

This was the stuva bench we bought to store her big toys.

Recently I bought a set of crayons for her to learn drawing.


She started to enjoy doing houseworks after she turned 18 months.

* * *

2-Aug (Sat), we bought her to Pasir Ris White Sand for dim sum buffet then brought her to library. She was a happy girl in the morning …

However she become very fussy after wake up from nap, wonder if she had any nightmare?

Daddy brought her out to playground but this also didn’t solve the problem. This was one of the most fussy day we had experienced with her …

* * *

3-Aug (Sun), she changed back to cheerful girl. In the morning we brought her to Metro Expo Sales to buy some new bedsheets and pillows for our new hired helper. The helper will be on-board on 12th.

* * *

9-Aug (Sat), we brought her to Bedok Mall for dinner at Tim Ho Wan. We also brought her a set of hair pins and she was so happy wearing the new hair pins … She even danced in front of the mirror inside the Uniqlo shop.

* * *

10-Aug (Sun), we brought her to Changi Terminal 3 for lunch at Itacho. She was so excited inside the cab, she always happy during outing time.

… now she has improved a lot on eating by herself with spoon, we were also happy for her.

After lunch, we brought her to the indoor playground at basement of Terminal 3.

To be continued to next post.

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