Baby Zaanse turned 19 months old!

We bought a new set of masak play set for baby Zaanse, it comes with a knife and many different kinds of fruits and vegetables for her to cut into two pieces. I always mentioned the name of fruit or vegetable piece she cut, and now she can remember most of them!

* * *

29-Jun (Sunday), we had organized a cookies baking session for Qian Qian and Ling Ling at our place. Baby Zaanse was still too young to learn baking and she only can sit aside and watch.

After finished the cookies baking, the two girls finally have some spare time for baby Zaanse.

Trying to read book for her?

Baby Zaanse always liked to sit on other’s legs while reading, she did this to Ling Ling as well.


After a while, both of them seems cannot communicate to each other? They decided to read their own book ~

* * *

12-Jul (Saturday) morning, we walked to Sunplaza Park from our home together with baby Zaanse. Although we have been moved to this place quite a while, this was the first time we been to Sunplaza Park! I prepared some sandwiches for picnic at the park, baby Zaanse’d enjoy the food I prepared for her.

After the picnic, we brought baby Zaanse to the playground nearby the park.


As usual, she enjoyed playing at the playground.


We quite amazed with the facilities in this park, we thought this was only a small park.

* * *

19-Jul (Saturday), I made some steam cream cheese cupcakes and cooked green bean soup during SL visit. Actually the recipe was gotten from SL, I thought I shall also tried it.

Baby Zaanse also enjoyed the cupcakes, I added some chocolate fillings inside the cupcakes and her face was so dirty with all the chocolate stains.

After the meal, baby Zaanse walked to baby Eston and called him “ko ko” (brother). They met and played before in SL’s place, but it was more than a month ago.

Finally, baby Eston also “activated” ~ both of them watched the hi-5 tv show together.

* * *

20-Jul (Sunday), our housekeeping day. Baby Zaanse also wanted to help, daddy asked her to put all the sofa covers into washer.

She seems enjoyed doing it!

Baby Zaanse seems excited to sit on the sofa cushions after covers removed.


* * *

As per my previous post, we had enrolled baby Zaanse to childcare. We only let her tried the half day class for four days (since 15-Jul) and she has been cried a lot and had frequent nightmares. Finally, she fell sick on that Sunday. She has been coughed seriously and vomiting everyday for more than a week … She suffered, we also suffered .. always have to change bedsheets/ clean up for her etc. After this experience, we have been struggling if we shall continue to send her to childcare once she recovered. I finally come to the decision after read this article, we decided to withdraw her from the childcare …

* * *

26-Jul (Saturday), we re-organized baby Zaanse playroom with some Ikea Stuva furniture. We also moved the single bed from sister room to her playroom, this room will convert to nursery room for her brother and helper.

* * *

27-Jul (Sunday), I made some steam butter cupcakes for Min’s open house. After tried the steam cream cheese cupcakes, I wanted to try some other new recipes.

Min’s son baby Ivan seem enjoyed the cupcakes more compared to baby Zaanse.

We moved to Min’s place with parents in law after finished the light meal.
Both baby Ivan and baby Zaanse seems liked to play with the stickers book.

Baby Ivan seems happy all the time while baby Zaanse always looked upset … she still hasn’t recovered from her cough.


We brought her down to playground.
She always looked around for strangers and used her sign language to tell us that she was scared. This was one of the side effects she had after come back from childcare. Sometimes she just freak out when any stranger come near to her, she cried.

Finally, some of the pics taken by iphone.
This was a quite happening month for baby Zaanse, childcare, fall sick (the most serious compared to the past), first time trying durian …

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