Baby Zaanse reached her 18 months old and she was a toddler now! She was going to start her school in the coming July. We have registered a full day childcare for her but thought of start with half day first. Daddy Kenji already started looking foward to see the day she go to childcare …

She got her new hairstyle ~ by daddy Kenji. I found it too short though …


Though she was going to school soon, but she still looked like a baby to me.

We had a box of flash cards given by colleague but we never used to “flash” it to baby Zaanse. Daddy Kenji didn’t like the idea of flash card, he thought those were only for short-term memory. Now, these cards become her toys rather than education tool.

* * *

This June, we brought her to swimming very frequently – almost every weekend. She enjoyed very much walking on the pool and played with water.


We should bring her more often to the swimming pool after she know how to walk by herself.

* * *

As mentioned in my last post, she found her new hobbies ~ playing with stickers and masking tapes. Almost a month already, she still very passionate with these stickers and masking tapes.



Her sticker book was almost full with all the pages pasted with stickers.

Even going toilet, she also wanted to bring her sticker book.

* * *

I bought this set of little kitchen for her to play “masak” game.

She enjoyed cooking and feeding her teddy bear, I hope she would appreciate it more when she grow older.


* * *

Most of the times, I would follow daddy Kenji and baby Zaanse go down to playground. But sometimes I just stayed at home and watched them playing at the playground. We stayed at 15th floor and this was the magnify view of playground from our balcony.


* * *

31-May (Sunday), PL brought her son and visited our place. This was the second time of baby Evan visited our place, he seems enjoyed playing with the toys very much.

* * *

Sister bought some hats for her upcoming travels, I let baby Zaanse tried it and snap some photos for her.

* * *

7-Jun (Saturday), we had our dinner at Swensen and baby Zaanse seems very happy that day. I managed to snap some instagram photos of her various expressions ~

* * *

14-June (Saturday), I brought her to visit SL and her baby boy at Pasir Ris. SL baked a lot of nice cupcakes, she also made some oat yogurts. The kids enjoyed the food very much.

Both kids seems mixed well with each other.

Before we left, SL husband helped to take a photo of babies + mummies for us ~ me and baby Zaanse enjoyed the food and gathering very much.

* * *

20-June (Friday), we joined the Ikea mid summer dinner buffet at Ikea. Before the dinner, we done some window shoppings and this was the bunk bed we planned to buy for baby Zaanse.

Some of the fruits I took for baby Zaanse ~

* * *

21-June (Saturday), we brought her out to Orchard for GSS shopping and swimming. Took this picture inside the cab while she was wearing her daddy sunglasses.

* * *

Recently, I started to play some role playing game with her and she really liked it.

Last photo was taken when she was sleeping …

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