Baby Zaanse is 17 months, one more month to reach her 18 months old. She was now able to speak some simple words such as “mama, koko, popo, mao (cat) …” But she seem refused to say “papa”, probably daddy Kenji need to spend more time with her rather than playing his iphone game :p

At this month, we started to introduce more activities and games to baby Zaanse. Daddy Kenji has a collection of magic cubes, it’s time to show-off to baby Zaanse. The magic cube looked interesting to her, probably she was attracted by the colors differences.

* * *

We also brought a magnetic drawing board from Kiddy Palace for baby Zaanse to learn drawing.

She was really enjoyed with it for the first few days, but only the first few days … sigh.


* * *

There was a roadshow of music instruments held at shopping mall and daddy Kenji bought this set of ukelele for his guitar collections. Baby Zaanse thought this ukelele was bought for her ~


* * *

On of the Friday night, we went to Giant supermarket for grocery shopping. The cashier lady gave baby Zaanse a box of color pencils as a gift. The next day daddy Kenji printed out some papers for baby Zaanse to fill in the colors.



* * *

Most of the times, baby Zaanse would try to look for us even we hide inside the study room … ha, she was so curious on everything.

When we turned on the keyboard music, she started to dance.


* * *

I also gave her some stickers I collected last time, these stickers were hiding inside my drawers for quite sometime. She really liked to play with all the stickers.

I also gave her a book for her to paste all the stickers .. So far, she didn’t get bored with the stickers, probably she was more girly type.

* * *

We also brought baby Zaanse back to Malacca to visit friends and families, more details to check this post.

* * *

It has been more than 3 months ever since we moved baby Zaanse to playroom to sleep by herself. So, this is her room now. We brought in some new items for her including the pink table and chairs for her to read and do drawing.


* * *

Some of the pictures taken by iphone instagram, she was more adorable nowadays ~ loved her so much !

  1. Brought her to see PD after back from Australia trip, she was having flu and running nose.
  2. Showing “NO NO” sign to daddy when daddy wanted to take grapes from her bowl.
  3. Feeding the food to daddy Kenji, she only gave those she didn’t want to eat.
  4. Playing with her story music electronic book in her room.
  5. Daddy is reading for baby Zaanse.
  6. Enjoying her biscuit at Ikea restaurant.
  7. Playing at the playground.
  8. Her favourite food ~ corn, she can finish the entire piece!


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