The next day after baby Zaanse turned 15 months old, 28-Mar (Friday) night we brought baby Zaanse to see the i Light at Marina Bay. I get to know about this event from my colleague and decided to bring baby Zaanse for a walk. We started the journey from Marina Boulevard.

I didn’t take much shots during the journey as we were busy watching out baby Zaanse walking. Unfortunately, she still falled down at this teddy bear light station. Her mouth started bleeding and her bib turned to red, poor girl …

* * *

29-Mar (Saturday), we brought baby Zaanse to River Safari with pair of free entry tickets I won during my company drawing event. This was the first time we brought her to zoo.

We also met baby Ivan .. finally, they met again after almost a year …

A photo with the crocodile.


No much changes on the daddy, both both babies changed a lot … both slim down :p

Time for snack? Min prepared a box of strawberries for the babies ~

Continued the journey in the river safari ~ what are they looking at?

Oh .. is red panda,

and the lazy panda “Kai Kai” …

Baby Zaanse prefered to walk by herself, she didn’t like to hold our hands now … sigh.

Before leaving, we bought the panda bottle drinks and the babies also wanted to drink …

After the river safari, we went to Min and James place to rest and had lunch before heading back to home.

* * *

30-Mar (Sunday), we brought baby Zaanse to Parkway Parade for some shopping on the next day after river safari. I missed the beef noodles and Apollo char kuay teow of Marine Parade food market, have not eated these for more than a year. Baby Zaanse was excited when we let her try the kid car machine.

Ever since baby Zaanse know how to walk by herself, we tried to bring her to playground downstair more often.

Daddy took out the bubble toy he bought this afternoon from Parkway Parade and played with baby Zaanse.


Every kids like the bubbles, there was a girl come to approach daddy Kenji for playing the bubbles together.


Baby Zaanse become the audient, there were two performers entertaining her.

Good to have a big sister playing with baby Zaanse, she seem very excited.


Time for daddy playing with baby Zaanse ~

Lastly, a photo with all the kids at the playground.

This night, baby Zaanse falled asleep on the sofa while watching “running man”. First time for her to fall sleep in this way, she was too tired …

* * *

6-April (Sunday), we met baby Ivan again at Ikea for dinner and shopping. Baby Ivan is feeding baby Zaanse strawberry, so cute!

* * *

12-April (Saturday), this was a busy day for us! After we done photo-shooting session for client, we went to meet our friends’ baby and had dinner with another group of friends after the meet up. Baby Zaanse was exhausted and started to be impatient.

* * *

Baby Zaanse seems to think wearing shoes meaning she can go out for walking, she now liked to wear our shoes … we had to hide our shoes in shoe cabinet and cannot just leave them on the carpet ūüôĀ

Her hair is getting longer and longer, probably it is time to go hair salon.

She loved to play with my totoro collections and always brought the family members to everywhere of the house. I still cannot find my Chibi-Totoro (the yellow color mini totoro), sigh …


* * *

17-April (Thursday), we brought baby Zaanse to Australia for two weeks trip. This was the second trip we brought her out ~ first time we went to Taiwan. Here’re some snapshots we have in Australia:

At the chocolate factory of Yarra Valley :
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U-pick strawberry at Yarra Valley :

At the wine yard in Mornington :

In Daylesford :
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At the Great Ocean Road :

At the mornington beach :

More to come …

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