Time flies, baby Xavy is 3 months old today ! He now can lift up his head longer and more stable.

Thanks to our neighbour to borrow us their yaolan, Xavy can sleep longer during the nap time instead of wake up every few minutes. When he awake, we will transfer him to his rocker and let him stay awake for longer time. So, now his feeding schedule is more regular ~ feed around 100 to 150ml every 2 to 3 hours.

One of everyday todo list for him ~ tummy time. I always place him on his stomach to develop strong head, neck and shoulder muscles.


He always like to suck on his hand or fingers nowadays.


His sister baby Zaanse always like to call him “didi” … sometimes she also liked to play with him.


He always made my day! I enjoyed a lot on kissing him, watching his facial expression whether angry or happy… everything looked so fun to me ~

Mummy still have another one month maternity leave to stay with you during the day time ~ I definitely will miss you a lot when I go back to work. Love to see his satisfied look after breastfeeding, still have a drop of milk below his mouth :p

These are the “Lee” family ~

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