Baby Xavy reached one month old, however he fall sick few days before he reached a month old and still hasn’t recovered. His sister baby Zaanse passed the virus to me and baby Xavy, we all get flu/cold. He has been coughing a lot, made me worried because he was so small … Hope he get well soon.

We managed to take some newborn photos during his one week old, it was a rush … we took these photos while his sister is having nap.

During my confinement month, I was so busy with breastfeeding and pumping. This time I finally made it ~ baby Xavy is having full time breast milk for the first 2 weeks. He drink a lot and very frequent, almost every one hour he needed to be feed. 1st week 30ml, 2nd week 50ml, 3rd week 60ml and 4th week 70ml. During the 3rd week I have to supplement with 1 or 2 feed of formula on some of the nights. He was a sleepy baby, always fall sleep during feeding … so feeding him become a tough job.

During the day time, I choose to breastfeed him and nap with him when he fall asleep. Night time I pumped out and let the confinement lady to bottle feed him.

On 18-October (Saturday), we hold the baby full month celebration at our place (link) …

Below are some of the snapshots I took with my iPhone … I always had the feeling that he has better looking than his sister baby Zaanse :p

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