Finally, I managed to do the baking with my neighbour ~ I still remembered we have made the first appointment during the day I gave birth to baby Xavy and I have missed it because of this sudden surprise. Today we finally made our first baking session — chocolate souffle. The tricky part of souffle was they have to serve immediately out of oven. There is famous French saying: Le soufflé n’attend pas, on attend le soufflé. Meaning chocolate soufflé doesn’t wait for us, it will fall down so fast. So, it is best to bake together with friends so everyone can enjoy the dessert together ~

I used the recipe from eugenie kitchen (link here), the ingredients included butter, flour, milk, sugar, chocolate, egg and vanilla extract. The recipe was easy and they tasted lovely especially eat when warm with ice-cream.

A photo of souffle rising in the oven :

This time, we tried the Bosch stand mixer from neighbour. I was so tempting to get one after tried it ~ so much better than the 50 bucks mixer we bought.

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