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November 24, 2014


Roast Chicken

After finished the baking of chocolate souffle, we also roasted a chicken for dinner. I used the easy recipe from laura in the kitchen (link here). The ingredients also simple which included onions, potatoes, garlic, lemon and of course the chicken. The seasoning will be black peppers, salts, butter and rosemary. The chicken smell so nice while roasting in the oven ~


Chocolate Souffle

Finally, I managed to do the baking with my neighbour ~ I still remembered we have made the first appointment during the day I gave birth to baby Xavy and I have missed it because of this sudden surprise. Today we finally made our first baking session — chocolate souffle. The tricky part of souffle was they have to serve immediately out of oven. There is famous French saying: Le soufflé n’attend pas, on attend le soufflé. Meaning  ...