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December 27, 2013


Baby Zaanse first birthday celebration

It’s about a month of planning and finally the big day come ~ today is baby Zaanse first birthday ! I started to plan and collect the theme I like for baby Zaanse birthday party since a month ago, I pinned all the interesting party ideas in my pinterest and started to plan how to decorate for baby Zaanse birthday party. I didn’t want to spend so much and had no much time to do many DIY things, so most of the party decor items  ...

Baby is here

Baby Zaanse . 11 to 12 months

Time flies, baby Zaanse already turned to one year old .. I still remember the first few months was strungling how to make baby sleep through, how to calm her while she is crying especially during her colic period. Those are the toughest time we have passed though … Now she already smiled a lot, played a lot and of course, eat a lot … (This photo was taken in over exposure mode, but I like the over exposure feeling so I just  ...