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May 23, 2013

Taiwan . 2013 May

D6.3 | Afternoon Tea

After leaving the Milly Zakka Shop, we walked back to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi shopping center for some breaks. We choose this Japanese cafe called Afternoon Tea which was famous on its high tea. It was quite crowded although today was only a weekday, many “tai tai” enjoying their high tea inside the cafe. The queue took us almost half an hour before get into the restaurant. Besides of doing cafe business, they also selling some high  ...

Taiwan . 2013 May

D6.2 | Milly Zakka Shop 米力雜貨舖

After lunch, we walked to this zakka shop called 米力雜貨舖 Milly Shop. It is opened by a artist called Milly and previously he managed his shop online but now he has his own shop near to Zhong Shan Metro Station. I really hope to own a shop like this in Singapore but I think it was just a dream to me … Inside the shop selling a lot of nice zakka stuffs, some were bought from Japan. I bought few items from this shop and one was for baby  ...