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March 22, 2013

Living, Post-Reno

Post Reno . Playroom

Bought the chest drawer from Ikea during recent promotion, thanks to his cousin to send us back with this heavy stuff. Kenji took very short time to assemble the whole stuff, we decided to put it inside the playroom as the storage area of our DIY tools. The playroom will be the area for baby Zaanse to play around and also will be the place for us to enjoy our crafting hobbies. Saw this kraft box selling at $3.50 while shopping for stationary  ...

Crafting, Pregnancy

Photobook made for my little baby gal

After baby Zaanse was born, feel that I shall start to collect her photos and made a album. Decided to make a portrait type of album book for the first album, the book was submitted to printing on February and this week finally received the printout copy ~ The cover page of front and back : Some of the pages, total have 40 pages for this photobook. The story started from when I realized of my pregnancy till baby Zaanse is born and ended at  ...