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baby Zaanse . 18 to 19 months

We bought a new set of masak play set for baby Zaanse, it comes with a knife and many different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

* * *

29-Jun (Sunday), we have some cookies baking session for Qian Qian and Ling Ling.
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bb Zaanse first week in Childcare

This week was the first week of baby Zaanse going childcare … it was a challenge for her and both of us. Due to limited vacancies in childcare for next year, we have to bring her to childcare earlier after she reached 18 months old. She joined the toddler class as the youngest kid in the class.

* * *

15-July (Tuesday), we accompanied her to childcare center after she finished her last vaccination in clinic. While we were talking to her teacher, she busy playing around with the toys.


After finished the conversation, her teacher brought her for classroom tour.

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D3 | Buffet breakfast

Today will be the last day of our stays in Sentosa and we decided to try the buffet breakfast in the Movenpick Hotel. The breakfast buffet is not included in the room charges.

Before go to the breakfast buffet, here are some snapshots captured in the swimming pool with baby Zaanse. We bought a new float for her. See her expression, she really enjoyed swimming!
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D2 | Sentosa Aquarium

Next day in the morning, we decided to explore the Resort World area and I picked this place called SlappyCakes for breakfast after some google search. We can experience the “Make Your Own” pancake concept at SlappyCakes!

I choose the butter milk flavour as the base of pancake.
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D1 | Sentosa . Siloso Beach

We decided to have a short getaway (4 to 6 July) in Sentosa before entered to my third trimester and we choose Sentosa Island. We had been a long time didn’t go into Sentosa Island, I believed we had been more than 2 years never entered to the island. I picked Moevenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa for the accommodation choice with it location and price. We checked-in the hotel around 3pm something and had some rests before went out to explore the island. Daddy and baby Zaanse were looking at the Sentosa map and thinking where to go …

Baby Zaanse was quite excited with the trip ~
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baby Zaanse . 17 to 18 months

Baby Zaanse reached her 18 months old and she was a toddler now! She was going to start her school in the coming July. We have registered a full day childcare for her but thought of start with half day first. Daddy Kenji already started looking foward to see the day she go to childcare …

She got her new hairstyle ~ by daddy Kenji. I found it too short though …

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baby Zaanse . beautiful Sunday

Me and PL have been colleagues working in the same company for quite a while. However, we seldom talked to each other until both of us got our first pregnancy. We started to talk whenever we met each other in the office, trying to share all the pregnancy tips and experiences … After delivered our first baby, we had more and more topics to share. She also brought her baby Evan visited our place for few times, I really enjoyed to see the 2 babies mixing around. Baby Evan has the same birthday with my husband and brother, so he was just 10 days younger than baby Zaanse. This time, I decided to pay a visit to her place. I choose a Sunday (8-Jun) morning.

On that day, baby Zaanse woke up 5am in the morning and refuse to go to bed again, I even worse .. I woke up at 2:30am and unable to go back to sleep. Although both of us didn’t have enough sleep, we still proceed with our plan to PL’s house. Below were some of the photos I taken on the day …

Daddy Kenji bought a new swimsuit for baby Zaanse ~ was his favourite orange color.

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baby Zaanse . 16 to 17 months

Baby Zaanse is 17 months, one more month to reach her 18 months old. She was now able to speak some simple words such as “mama, koko, popo, mao (cat) …” But she seem refused to say “papa”, probably daddy Kenji need to spend more time with her rather than playing his iphone game :p

At this month, we started to introduce more activities and games to baby Zaanse. Daddy Kenji has a collection of magic cubes, it’s time to show-off to baby Zaanse. The magic cube looked interesting to her, probably she was attracted by the colors differences.
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