Finally it was second trimester, already more than six months of pregnancy and my tummy also getting bigger and bigger. On 9 September Sunday, which is our 12th year anniversary, I brought my pregnancy diary and come to East Coast. It was a raining day, initially want to do drawing … but it started to rain just half an hour after we arrived.





:: Updated on 23 Jul : 16 weeks pregnancy ~ Is dragon baby girl ! ::

Looking forward for this day .. always wonder is girl or boy inside my tummy.

As per lunar calendar prediction, is a baby girl. I also have the feeling that inside my tummy was a baby girl … Result: as expected, doctor Loke told me is baby girl. He never said how many percent confirm .. so I believed is 100% confirm a baby girl. My wish in Kyoto really come thru ~

:: Updated on 17 Sep : 24 weeks pregnancy ::

Time passed really fast ~ already 6 months pregnancy, baby weight around 685g. Doctor Loke said baby might be come out before new year, we all hope she can stay after new year – be 2013 baby.

:: Updated on 15 Oct : 28 weeks pregnancy ::

This month we have started to purchase some baby items, also have went to baby fair … spent more than 400 bucks. We also started to attend pre-natal course in Thomson Medical Centre every Saturday … Baby weight around 1.2kg, big right?

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  1. rachel wang

    October 18, 2012 at 1:56 am

    hey congrats Ee & Kenji !!! are the first friend i knew who note down a baby diary! so sweet & touching! Ganbate !

    1. eekenji

      October 18, 2012 at 6:45 am

      Is it? Ha … I thought most of the mother2b will do this … Thanks thanks ~ U too, ganbate !

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