Kids . Baking by little Mandy

A baking session with Mandy ~ Mandy Baking Photography Who : Mandy Where : eekenji studio


Album Design . My portrait by kenji

Finally made a album for myself, the photos were taken in Japan, Italy and Taiwan ~ Mini Square (40 pages) Softcover Photobook Design for : Ee Date of submitting for printing : 12th October 2014 Printing by : Photobook Singapore


Album Design . Zaanse baby Milestones

Have designed four albums for Zaanse baby milestone ~ Mini Square (40 pages) Softcover Photobook Design for : baby Zaanse Date of submitting for printing : 11th October 2014 Printing by : Photobook Singapore


Album Design . James + Min = Ivan

Designed a album for baby Ivan ~ Mini Square (40 pages) Softcover Photobook Design for : baby Ivan Date of submitting for printing : 11th September 2014 Printing by : Photobook Singapore


Maternity . baby Xavy

Finally, we managed to take the maternity photography for ee second pregnancy with baby Xavy. Ee Second Maternity Photography Client : Ee and Xavy Date : 20th September 2014 Venue : eekenji studio


JL | Love Nest (part II)

Continued from the previous post ~ more on the couple lifestyle. Both of them love cooking and reading, they have a very nice book shelf. JL and her husband . Home Client : JL and her husband Date : 31st … Continue reading


JL | Love Nest (part I)

This set of photos were taken quite sometime ago, but did not publish till client’s wedding is over. After that, I also busy with baby and pregnancy … Now finally have time to share. Great to know that JL like … Continue reading


Dec/Jan dragon baby first birthday party

It was a fun birthday party for all the Dec/Jan dragon baby, we were happy to be the event photographer and also helped on designs on all the posters and birthday cards. Dec/Jan dragon baby first birthday party Client : … Continue reading


Family . Michelle and her boy

Michelle and her boy Client : Michelle Date : 22nd March 2014 Venue : Michelle’s home and Punggol Park


Maternity . Racher [ II ]

Continued from the previous post ~ the remaining of the photography session was taken in our studio. P/S : She gave birth on 19 February with her beautiful baby boy. Rachel Maternity Photography Client : Rachel Date : 19th January … Continue reading


Maternity . Rachel [ I ]

Was so happy to know Rachel pregnancy news, we met each other in one of the baby expo event. I was even more excited when she approached us for her maternity photo-shooting in January. She showed us some of the … Continue reading


Wei Rou birthday party

We are invited to be photographer of Wei Rou’s birthday party at Ang Mo Kio Hub Explore Kid, we also brought our baby Zaanse along to the birthday event. It was a fun party for the kids! Wei Rou Birthday … Continue reading


Family . Cannizzaro + Chloe = Vera

Received a facebook message from Chloe and Cannizzaro, they wanted to have some casual shooting for their baby girl Vera. Glad to know that they like our photo-shooting style for baby Zaanse and baby Ivan. Chloe + Cannizzaro = Vera … Continue reading


Family . Lucas

Thanks to Jasmine recommendation, we were lucky to have another family photography for Chu Ting and her two years old son Lucas. Kiara family photography Client : Chu Ting family photography Date : 22nd December 2013 Venue : eekenji studio


Family . Jason + Jasmine = Kiara

I get to know Jasmine from the motherhood Singapore forum, we joined the Dec/Jan mother facebook group. I first met her during one of the mother baby gathering event and I really liked to see her baby ~ especially her … Continue reading


Portrait . Music

We wanted to create some travel feeling of shooting theme, so we brought in a backpack and a big pink ear headset. And of course, we also needed a antique camera to create some vintage looks. We also asked the … Continue reading


Portrait . Short Hair

Today shooting theme was about the reading, writing with some student look. We added-in a set of fake hairs for the model to create different look. Iím kind of in love with this session … The color and natural lights … Continue reading


Album Design . Berlinda

Received a email from Berlinda on 4 June, she didn’t like the layout designs provided by her bridal shop and she prefer something simple and clean, She took the pre-wedding photos in Taiwan and their wedding was held on 25th … Continue reading


Portrait . First trial with home studio

This was the first trial of our home studio with personal portrait … we have tried different outfits and looks for the model ~ jumper look, guitar girl, sporty look … Model : WX Venue : eekenji home studio Date … Continue reading


Baby . Bunny baby Zaanse

Finally, we managed to complete DIY wallpaper for the playroom and we thought to make it into a home studio. I just remembered that I bought this bunny suit before I gave birth, luckily baby Zaanse still can fit it. … Continue reading


Album Design . Eric and Huiqi

Received a email from Huiqi on 27 July. She prefer something different from the layouts that the bridal shop designed for them, we have our first meet up on 30 July at our place. After discussed and understand their preferences … Continue reading


Album Design . bbz album for grandmother birthday

I started to work on this baby Zaanse photobook after I finished designed the two albums for my clients. This photobook was a present for my mother upcoming birthday, hope she will like it. My mother always called us and … Continue reading


Family . James + Min = Ivan

Yep, James + Min = Ivan ! The pictures were taken on 6-July at our place. Baby Ivan was just 1 day younger than our baby Zaanse, he was a handsome baby boy ~ It was a pleasant and casual … Continue reading


Baby . Fluffy tutu skirt

Bought this fluffy tutu skirt at fifty percent discount and next day let baby Zaanse wear to take photograph. She looked adorable with the fluffy skirt ~


Baby . Flying blanket

We liked to play this “flying blanket” game with baby Zaanse and she liked it very much, always laugh when we “fly” her blanket sheet. Papa Kenji managed to capture some of the precious moments with her using his Canon … Continue reading


Desktop Calendar for Ivan family

Siew Min and James come to our place to take some family shots and of course baby Ivan picture. She hope to have the photoshooting session before James flying back to US. With these pictures, I managed to create a … Continue reading


Album design . Hawshy & SKee

Received a facebook message from Hawshy, he was referred from Kenji’s friend. He was looking someone to help him to design the album of pre-wedding photos they took in Taiwan, they didn’t like how the bridal shop designed their album. … Continue reading


Baby . Zaanse with musics

Daddy Kenji always wanted to train his kids to be talented in musics, baby Zaanse already started to listen to musics when she just 3 months old 🙂


Baby Zaanse Calendar

Finally made the 2013 desktop calendar with baby Zaanse pictures ~ took for such a long time because I wanted to collect more pictures especially her recent photos. The big calendar is for myself while the small calendar is for … Continue reading


Baby . Canvas print for eekenji family

Some of the shots taken when baby Zaanse turned 3 months old. We made the picture below into a canvas and it is hanging at our living room wall now.


Album design . Roger Zariah Pre-wedding

Received a email from Roger and Zariah, they want me to design a album photobook for their engagement photos – these photos were taken by Jia Yen, looked gorgeous! The photos were taken in various locations in Singapore, but they … Continue reading


Album design . Pregnancy to Baby Zaanse born

After baby Zaanse was born, feel that I shall start to collect her photos and made a album. Decided to make a portrait type of album book for the first album, the book was submitted to printing on February and … Continue reading


Newborn . Baby Zaanse II

Took some newborn photos for baby Zaanse during her week 3, this was our first time to take photos for newborn baby. Baby Zaanse managed to fit inside the little bed ~ Little toes of baby Zaanse looked so cute … Continue reading


Newborn . Baby Zaanse I

Photos were taken when baby Zaanse in two weeks old. She born in 27 December 2013 ~ same birthday with my best friend.


Wedding . Carol

Received an email from Carol in August, she was looking for a photographer for her wedding event on 9 December. After few email conversations, the assignment was confirmed. Wedding event was hold at Changi Beach Club.


Like our facebook page and win a personalised photo calendar !

Simply click ‘like’ on our facebook page, and you’re in the draw to win a personalised photo calendar 2013 ! Winner gets to choose between the Personalised Photo Desk Calendar 2013 or Personalised Photo Wall Calendar 2013, result will be announced … Continue reading


Wall Calendar

This year I also made a personalised photo wall calendar for 2013, there are different layout / frame designs for different months. Some of the month design can showcase up to 4 photos in collage layouts, you can make a … Continue reading


Desk Calendar

Here’s the version of 2013 personalised photo desk calendar, similar to last year’s version – the size and materials are the same. I made some changes on the interior design to have all different layout / frame designs for different … Continue reading



Some of the pregnancy maternity photograph took during ee pregnancy. Baby Zaanse was born earlier on 27th December 2012, before EDD. :: Third trimester | 15 Oct – 7 Jan :: I love this pair of pink color booties, hope … Continue reading


Album design . Siew Ee AD

Around two months ago, received a email from Siew Ee — previously has designed a pre-wedding photo album for her in 2011. She asked me to design another photobook album for her wedding day after saw my own actual day … Continue reading


Album design . Sanda and her family

Sanda was my best friend in my office, we have know each other since 2006 — till now already 6 years. With the mixed feelings of sadness and happiness, sad was because she was going to leave us and happy … Continue reading


Album design . eekenji Wedding Dinner

It’s time to complete the album for our actual day … I have done the part I which was the actual morning session and lunch reception; it’s time to do the part II which was the dinner reception. I really … Continue reading


Photo Frame for Roger

Designed a simple photo frame for Roger and Zariah ~ to congratulate the couple for their new house. They can put some stuffs inside the photo frame, example, couple bears .. something memorable for them.


Tokyo | March twenty twelve

Went to Tokyo during March, we took SQ flight from Sg to Tokyo Narita → Tsukiji Market → Ginza → Mid Town Tokyo City View at Roppongi → Sushi buffet for SGD15 per pax and beauty products shopping at Ameyoko … Continue reading


Album design . italy trip 2011

Done this before our Japan trip … Everything was rushing as the Photobook voucher I bought was going to expire. If I remember correctly, I used less than 2 weeks to complete it .. Just able to do the album … Continue reading


Album design . taipei yilan trip 2011

I done this album during chinese new year … As compared to the time I took to design album for others, I used lesser time to design album for my own, may be I can do whatever I like for … Continue reading


DIY birthday present for my dear friend

I used a night to make this birthday present for my dear friend ~ ling yen. I put mayday 阿信 photos inside the photo frame and bought some decoration stuffs to put inside. I designed the layout and done the … Continue reading


Yearly calendar for bonny

Today I made a yearly calendar for 黑兔兔 Bonny, I used the photos I taken in her shop and made a yearly 2012 calendar for her ~ It printed with A4 size photo paper, double pages – one pages showed … Continue reading


DIY . Photo frame for christmas present

Just made some photo frames as christmas present for my department ladies colleagues ~ the sticker was bought from Taiwan, all different kinds of ladies shoes. I’d enjoy the process of designing and preparing the presents for these ladies, the … Continue reading


Montage . baby Joel

Baby montage made for baby Joel using iphoto, imovie and after effect.


Calendar DIY

Bought the brown color card from Taiwan, want to use them to make some calendar samples. Here’re the 2 calendars made for my colleagues ~


Desktop Calendar from Vistaprint

Finally received the 10 desktop calendars from Vistaprint – some are ordered from colleagues, some for families and friends ~


Album design . Baby Joel

Recently received an order from Ai Kiar – to make a photobook album for her son (Joel) 1 year old birthday. It’s a 15×11 Large Landscape Imagewrap photobook for baby Joel, very cute baby boy. I enjoyed very much on … Continue reading


Reiner birthday party . Mickey Mouse theme

Was invited to take the photography for Reiner mickey mouse theme birthday party on 27 November.


Montage for Reiner mickey mouse theme baby birthday party

A simple video created for Reiner baby mickey mouse theme birthday party ~


eekenji diy Calendar

Ordered this calendar through a taiwan company, quite satisfied with the physical product ~ all about our italy travel photos.


Sebastian + Violet | Sentosa . II

Second part of engagement shooting at Sentosa ~


Sebastian + Violet | Sentosa . I

Engagement shoots was done at Sentosa.


Sebastian + Violet | Dragon playground

This dragon playground was located at Toa Payoh, the couple managed to find a old playground for photo-shooting ~~


Sebastian + Violet | Botanic Garden . IV

The lovely couple really brought a lot of vintage props ~ Violet made these pairs of signboards by herself.