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Christmas Decor . 2016

After the Halloween Party, we began our Christmas Decoration and the kids also joined the decoration works. The first thing is to setup the Christmas Tree and hang the ornaments. We recycled our Christmas Tree used in twenty fourteen. Zaanse helped me to DIY the Christmas Tree Garland. And Yes, it is done. We hang it at the window. We also used the Christmas clips to clip all the kids photos, I guess I probably need to print out their recent  ...

Crafting, Party

Halloween Party Preparation . water bottle labels Easy DIY

Zaanse know that we were going to host a Halloween Party at home and she was so excited. I told her that we need to do some DIY for the party preparation including the water bottle labels. The whole process was done by her, I only provided a little bit assistance when she need to cut the original water bottle labels. First, she took out the water bottles from the carton box and started to remove the outer package of water bottles. Then she  ...

Baby is here

My dear sister ROM . Kids holiday

Yes, my dearest sister is getting married! But this post is not to blog about her solemnisation. It is about the holiday for kids because of xuan xuan visit. Xuan xuan is my niece – daughter of my brother. They come to Singapore because of my sister solemnisation. * * * 13-OCT-2016 * * * When they touched down, we joined them for swimming at the Grand Mercure Hotel they stayed. After swimming, the kids were having a lot of fun in the  ...